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Depending on the type of building and rodent issues, Ozzie Pest Solution will tailor a solution for your rodent pest problem. A combination of baits and trapping methods are typically used in our approach to rodent control. We can also look to modify the environment as needed to deter rodents from infesting your home and property.

They undermine your building structure and retaining walls as a result of their burrowing. The principal pest rodents in Australia are the House Mouse, Roof Rat and Norway Rat. They reproduce extremely quickly and can become a major problem for households and businesses.

Rodent Treatment

We use chemical, non-chemical, and the combination of both treatment procedures depending on your specific circumstances. All our products, tools and techniques are industry approved. We set up traps and baits to draw them out. In some property set, we also use tracking powder to locate and remove them. We use safe, suitable, and effective procedures. Contact us to learn more.


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