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Melbourne, Australia


Ozzie Pest ​ Solution

Cockroaches are one of the most feared and ancient bugs in the world! Virtually indestructible, we have approximately 550 cockroach species in Australia; only 5 of which are common household pests. Cold-blooded, cockroaches are active in summer and thrive in warm, humid environments such as kitchens, roof voids and bathrooms. They’re unappealing creatures who are attracted to poor hygiene and can spread germs and bacteria. 


No need to leave the property as we use a low mammalian toxicity insecticide, with no internal odour. No need to empty cupboards or wash anything after the treatment has been done. Safe to be used around kids and pets.

Our Part: Internal spray to skirting boards. External spray to garage, sheds, fence lines, pathways, windows, gutters, fascias. Dusting to roof void (accessed from the inside of the house), sub floor, Telstra pits, cracks, crevices and weep holes. Gel affected areas for German cockroaches

Your Part: Don’t put the washing out, clean up before treatment, mow the lawns, limit your garbage outside and clean up internally. The more things away from the wall inside the better the barrier. Keep windows and doors closed until the spray dries. Clean behind the fridge and under the microwave.