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Did you know ants make hay while the sun shines? Sunny climates particularly get them active, making them happy workers but a pure nuisance for your home. These pests can work tirelessly to equip their nest with a generous stock of food sourced from your home and business quarters.

Our experts will identify your ants, then use a range of powerful treatments to deal with them efficiently, targeted to the specific species. Once the ants have been dealt with, you can take precautions to stop them coming back.

Ant treatment

When you think about ants consider the unsanitary paths they travel before they end up in your home, on your counter-tops, in your cupboards and near your food so you should take steps to keep them away!

Ants externally do not get eradicated with the traditional cockroach/spider sprays and ants will usually stay away from areas that have been conventionally treated with spider or cockroach sprays.

Our Ant treatments will not only remove the surface ants but the entire nest of ants and their queen.


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